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About Bocca Foods

Bocca Foods is a family owned and operated business focused on bringing nutritional and balanced meals to Australian school children. BOCCA Foods is incessant about creating a food evolution in school canteens, by transitioning the traditional canteen menu to a Fresh, Healthy and Modern cafe style menu, or Soups, Salad and Sushi, where students not only receive meals that are packed with nutrients and goodness but taste as well.
Our training is in the Casalinga style (slow cooking method using fresh and nutritional ingredients with no added preservatives/colours or artificial flavours). A large contributing factor in this is the creation a cafe environment that encourages nutritional education, through food moderation and choice. It is our challenge to teach young people to love healthy food!
BOCCA really has put its money where its mouth (Bocca) is!

BOCCA Foods Provides Green and Amber meals to all it’s Schools.

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